10 Online ADHD Tests

Online ADHD tests are self-assessment examinations that come in the form of an online quiz. After completing the quiz, the user receives a score that estimates the likelihood of them having ADHD.

Demand for doctor-administered ADHD tests has skyrocketed over the last two years. However, appointments are sometimes not available for months. Some psychiatrists say they are “overwhelmed with appointments”.

Although not necessarily clinically accurate, a growing number of users are turning to online ADHD tests to self-diagnose. People are also increasingly turning to online resources to help manage their ADHD.

Here are 10 online ADHD tests:

  1. Mental Health America ADHD Test
  2. Clinical Partners ADHD Test
  3. Psycom ADHD Test (Self-Assessment)
  4. ADDA Adult ADHD Test
  5. PsychCentral ADHD Test
  6. Psychology Today ADHD/Attention Deficit Disorder Test
  7. Done First Online ADHD Testing Done Right
  8. Cerebral Online ADHD Test and Diagnosis
  9. ADHD Online Assessment
  10. The ADHD Centre Free 5 Minute Quiz

These online tests are only meant to give an indication as to wether the taker is experiencing the most common symptoms of ADHD and can, therefore, be an indication of the likelihood that they may have ADHD. However, it cannot replace a full assessment nor should be used to self-diagnose or decide upon a treatment plan.